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About Balancing Act

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

An award-winning writer, Pat Snyder has for nearly a decade crafted a regular column called Balancing Act for a chain of 22 suburban newspapers in the Columbus, Ohio area. The column, featured by ThisWeek Community News Publications, deals with the light side of families’ struggles to balance their lives in these fast-paced times. In early 2009, some favorites, along with a number of “leash laws,” or tips for a more balanced life, were released as her first book, The Dog Ate My Planner.

Over the years, Pat has used the column to reveal, if there was ever any doubt, that she does not have it altogether in this business of working full-time and maintaining a peaceful homefront.

For example, she has confessed that moving elderly parents, getting kids off to camp, and deciding whether to use a Palm Pilot, were just too overwhelming when there were already Christmas stockings to stuff, banana bread to produce for the school bake sale, book groups to attend – without reading the book – and dancing lessons with hubby to revitalize that marriage bed spark.

That was on top of keeping track of winter gloves, trying to lose weight, collecting all the family photos in a professional-looking scrapbook, remembering to return unfortunate purchases, and ultimately building a new house with a first-floor master when her one-time dancing partner had to have his leg amputated.

Here are a few reader favorites from Balancing Act:

Helicopter Parent? Who? Me?

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Flossing Could Be Heart-Felt Exercise

Five Big Rocks Make Quadrants A Quandary

Confessions Of An Errant Errand-Runner

Holidays Spark Skirmish Between the Two of Me

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Editors Talk About Balancing Act

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Here’s what writers and editors have to say about “Balancing Act”.

When life overwhelms, we all have to find our strategy for staying sane. Humor helps, and in Balancing Act, Pat Snyder has a delightful way of shaping life’s blows into a column that bring smiles and even tears of recognition. At times her work is so understated that the seriousness tucked in amidst the humor sneaks up on us. A good read.
– Eleanor Clift, author, contributing editor of Newsweek, and regular member of TV’s The McLaughlin Group

We are continuously looking for balance in our lives, whether it’s the balance of home and work, waking and sleeping, or speaking out and being silent. Finding balance is an important and serious issue for many of us, and that seriousness needs to be balanced with humor – which is just what Pat Snyder does in her Balancing Act columns.
– Barbara Braham, executive coach and author of Managing Stress: Staying Calm Under Fire

Pat Snyder’s “Balancing Act” is absolute magic, as addicting as strawberry shortcake. This gal is a master at mitigating misery with self-deprecating humor, and yet – behind her wry smile – we sense in every sculpted column a whispered message for the ages You might want to compare Snyder to Thurber or Barry or Bombeck, but don’t. Her voice is uniquely her own, and her column is a pitch-perfect solo performance for our ife and times.
– William Allen, humorist and author of the Pulitzer-nominated Fire in the Birdbath and Other Disturbances

Pat Snyder’s column has been a breath of fresh air for the commentary pages of our community newspaper group. Through her regular “Balancing Act” column, she shares an insightful and often humorous message related to the struggles we all experience while trying to balance family, work and a multitude of other commitments we have in our busy lives.
– Cliff Wiltshire, former managing editor, Suburban News Publications

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