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Ice-olation Wears Thin

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

PowerLine Who, in an overbooked moment, has not imagined how WONDERFUL it would be to cocoon in a comfortable armchair, wrapped in a blanket, reading a good book?

“I could stay there forever!” I’ve thought.

And yet, when the opportunity arises – as it did this past week in the ice-covered hill that was our neighborhood – forever needed to end after about 24 hours.

First, there was the observation that a neighbor in her 70s (who apparently tolerates the cocoon for only a few hours) was skating toward her mailbox, arms flailing. She made it back with a few letters – hopefully not just bills.

“Ridiculous!” I muttered. And then found myself doing the same thing the very next morning. An irresistible itch had set in to escape the four walls.

By the time the sun came out on Thursday and did its sparkling, magical melt, I had learned something from the other side of an overbooked life. Solitude is delicious at first, but a little goes a long way with me.

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Life Balance and Travel

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

031218hTwenty days out of town since December 1, and I’m just recovering. How do people do this, regularly criss-crossing the country to see far-flung parents and children? For me, it was just an odd combination of training, funerals and nuptials. I cannot imagine a steady diet.

Despite my best efforts, which include buying myself a suitcase with a slot for a laptop, I steered four plastic bins onto the conveyor belt at every security point. And not once did I make it back home with all the hats, gloves, scarves and charger cords I left with. My personal worst was Baltimore, where I nearly left my laptop behind twice and saw my last glimpse of a black velvet beret.

My fellow travelers are not so disjointed. Some queue up at security in Bermuda shorts with nothing but a briefcase or a purse. I am awed. Like a golf course diplomat, I let them play through. And salute my good luck to be grounded…till a Florida friend says, “Come on down!” And immediately, I’m on to find a sweet deal, no matter how many stops it requires. Maybe I just need more practice.

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Life Balance Like Sailing

Friday, September 10th, 2010

sailboatI had the grand opportunity to help “crew” a sailboat on Lake Erie this week. In sailboating, I soon learned, there is no such thing as just going along for the ride. What makes it fun is that every passenger soon gets an assignment, whether it’s as elementary as swabbing the decks or as advanced as hoisting the sail.

A newcomer to sailing, I was definitely in the “swabbing” category. Mopping requires no particular knowledge of sailing terminology. Starboard or port, a deck is a deck. A sail, however, is not just a sail. It is a main sail, mast, jib or boom.

The voyage – which happily took us from harbor to lake and back to harbor without mishap – reminded me of a few principles of life balance that are worth noting:

If you’re off course, even a small adjustment of the sail can make a huge difference.
If you’re “dead in the water,” it’s handy to have a back-up motor of reserve energy that can move you to a better place.
And – very important – You can’t do it all yourself.

Here’s to smoother sailing!

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Coworking Boosts Life Balance

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

work home pictureI’m writing this from an amazing little coworking space in German Village called Qwirk, Like most of the places I frequent these days, Qwirk is inhabited by people who are half my age. I love it! And I love coworking.
Never until I started my speaking and writing business last year, did I work from home.
Although I’m never tempted to get up from my desk and clean the house (that’s for sure) or even to raid the refrigerator (well, not usually), I find the separation of work and home is much better for life balance. Working at home becomes work 24/7.
Maybe I’m just following the advice given to insomniacs: Keep waking and sleeping hours separate; don’t work in bed.

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