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Book a Laugh-In

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

As a laughter leader certified by the World Laughter Tour (, Pat Snyder is trained to lead groups in stress-relieving, creativity-sparking laughter exercises.

She can also lead regular laughter sessions for workplaces and community and social groups, or specially design a one-time laugh-in as a fun program for your group.

What’s a laughter session like? Take a look at a recent laugh-in with the women of St. Bremen’s Catholic Church in Hilliard.

In addition to one-size-fits-all laughter programs, several specially designed laugh-ins are currently available for work, community and social groups:

Laughter for Lawyers: A lawyer herself, Pat knows that civility (or the lack of it) is an important issue for today’s practitioners. Who can remain even-tempered when demanding clients and opposing counsel expect lightning speed answers, thanks to always-on technology like cell phones, e-Mail, and faxes? The stress of practice quickly dissolves after lawyers make light of their plight through cell phone laughter and brief-writing laughter, and given a hearty belly laugh to an imaginary panel of jurists.

Laughter for Caregivers: Whether it’s caregiving at work, caregiving at home, or caregiving through regular visits with a friend or family member in a special care facility, laughter can lighten the load and help to reduce stress. Pat offers assisted living and nursing facilities a six-week pilot program of laughter sessions tailored to the needs of facility staff as well as home caregivers and their families. In addition, she offers laughter sessions to support groups struggling with family illness.

Laughter for Seniors: Residents of nursing homes, adult day care, retirement communities, assisted living can benefit from therapeutic laughter, especially when they have cognitive impairments or mobility challenges. Pat also offers these facilities a six-week pilot program of laughter sessions tailored to these residents’ needs.

Over-The-Top Birthday and Retirement Laughter: Send milestone birthday and retirement parties over the top, not over the hill, with a good-natured laughter session that laughs with, not at the honoree, and celebrates the fun years to come with the celebrant’s interests incorporated into laughter exercises. No black balloons or Geritol here, just funny hats, Ho! Ho! Ho! and some special surprises that will take you back to your childhood where, after all, laughter began.

Book Pat for a laughter event or consultation about a pilot program by contacting her. Fees vary depending on the length and type of event and location.

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