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Stretch Your Comfort Zone

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

My humor and creativity workshop is always full of suprises.  So when i challenged participants of the Belly Laugh wokshop at Chautauqua to roam the ground wearing funny red clown noses, I was prepared for anything.  Almost.  Enter Mike Todd of Marion, Ohio, who took the assignment to the next level by passing out programs to some 1,200 concert-goers in the historic Amphitheater wearing, yes, the clown nose.  (Also, a sign that said Pat Snyder made me do this). 

Did the exercise, intended to stretch our comfort zones, stretch his?

“Not at all,” he said.  “I felt entirely comforable.”  I believe him.

But that wasn’t the case for most of us in the workshop, who resisted even more subtle comfort-stretchers like reversing daily routines and drawing figures upside down.

How abou you?  Have you done anyhing lately to get out of your comfort zone and into the place where creativity begins?

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Monday, November 24th, 2008



13 – Book Launch Party for “The Dog Ate My Planner: Tales and Tips from an Overbooked Life,” from 2 to 4 p.m. at Espresso Yourself Music Cafe in Powell, OH. Come meet Henry the Time Management Dog.  Each purchaser will receive a bonus “Waiting Room Copy” for a favorite doctor’s office.

22 – Pat speaks on “Laugh Away the Chaos with The Dog” at Worthington women’s Club, noon at Worthington United Methodist Church.

28 – Mini workshop, “Sniff Out Your Own Funny Tales,” 6:30 – 8 p.m., at On Second Thought in Worthington.   Limited attendance.  Contact Jen Richards,, to reserve a spot.


1 – Pat leads laughter for the Morrow County Business Women’s Association, 6:30 p.m.

3 – Visit Pat at the Leadership Worthington’s Fido Fest, Worthington Mall, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

7 – Pat speaks at “Connect for Success” series, sponsored by Jewish Family Services.

21 – Pat keynotes luncheon of  Central Ohio Organization of Public Purchasers at Vets Memtorial.

23-25 Waiting Room Copies arrive in the South, Homosassa Springs (Fla.) Resort

29 – Pat speaks to Mental Health America of Franklin County, 6:30 p.m. at Whetstone Library. SOLD OUT.


3 – Essay-writing discussion for class, DeVry Polaris Center at 6 p.m.

5- “Don’t Let The Holiday Dog Eat Your Planner” – Pat offers tips for surviving the holiday crunch and signs The Dog at 7 p.m., Barnes & Noble, 1560 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus.

15 – Pat speaks to Writers Ink, Westminster Thurber Retirement Center, at 5 p.m.


1-16 – Pat’s “Twelve Days of Christmas” virtual book tour for The Dog.

5 – Create a “Gift of Writing” at Pat’s writing workshop , 2-4 p.m. at the NW Columbus Branch of the Worthington Public Library. Participants will create a holiday gift of writing for a friend or family member.

7 – The Dog snoops around the Dames Bond Holiday Shop at The Meeting Place. Give a dog for Christmas!



4-   Pat on “All Sides With Ann Fisher” (WOSU Radio) at 10 a.m.

13 – Pat appears on Leaders Lunch talk show with Susan Ireland, 12:30 – 1 p.m.

19 – Pat speaks to Dublin Seniors, “Don’t Let The Dog Eat Your Planner In 2010,” 2:30 p.m. at the Dublin Community Recreation Center, 5600 Post Rd.

27 – Pat presents “Let’s Laugh More In 2010” for seniors at Wesley Glen, 1:30 p.m.


5-6  – Pat’s at “Group Vision Day” in Naples, Fla.

13 –  Pat presents a writing workshop, “Love Me, Love My Dog,” at Borders Books, 4545 Kenny Rd.  in Columbus, OH. Participants will be inspired to craft creative non-fiction pieces suitable for entry by March 1 in the Modern Dog Magazine competiton. Contact Pat through this web page to save a spot.

25 – Pat laughs her way through foot surgery and recovery.  Ho! Ho! Ha! Ha! Ha!


17- Pat leads laughter at Health and Wellness Fair, Ohio Dominican College, 11 a.m.

26 – Pat speaks to the Upper Arlington Widowhood Group on “Balancing Life After Loss,” 1-2:30 p.m. at UA Seniors Center.


12 – Pat on “All Sides with Ann Fisher,” WOSU 820 AM

20 – Pat speaks at Worthington Chamber of Commerce Appreciation Day luncheon, Worthington Hills Country Club.

24 – Pat speaks at  Coshocton Write On Writers workshop


14 – Pat speaks at Columbus State Community College Humor Workshop

16 – Pat leads the Writers Workshop at On Second Thought in Old Worthington, 3 p.m.

25 – Pat introduces Gail Sheehy on her national book tour appearance in Columbus promoting “Passages In Caregiving: Turning Chaos Into Confidence.”  7:30 p.m. at First Unitarian Universalist Church, 93 W. Weisheimer Rd., Columbus.  Reservations at


17 – Visit Pat at the Combined Chambers Business Expo, 4:30 – 7 p.m. at the Bridgewater Banquet and Conference Center, 10561 Sawmill Parkway.


1 – Pat leads laughter exercises at Chautauqua Institution in Western NY.


19 – Pat at Worthington Widowhood Group, Griswold Center, 2-3:30 p.m.

26 – Lunch ‘n Learn (“Health Benefits of Positivity and Laughter”) at Nationwide.


20 – Pat on “All Sides With Ann Fisher”


15 – Pat speaks at Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities Staff Development Day, Grand Oaks Conference Center, Grove City, OH.


12-14 – Coach Training Institute, Washington, DC


3-5 – Coach Training Institute, Washington, DC


7-9 – Coach Training Institute, Washington, DC



7-10 Pat’s on “Good Grief” panel at national conference of Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor,

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Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Drawing on her skills as a humor writer and life coach, Pat presents motivational speeches to professional and community groups on using humor and positive psychology techniques to function more happily in our personal and professional worlds.

Don’t Let The Dog Eat Your Planner

Are work challenges and personal responsibilities putting you over the top? In this interactive presentation based on her book,  Pat shares how to re-frame those metaphorical “dogs” in our lives and keep moving forward.

Her audiences participate in specific research-based exercises that will help keep a positive focus when life seems chaotic, and they get homework to keep the experience alive.

Good Grief: Why Am I Laughing At A Time Like This?

Grieving can’t be laughed away.  But finding  humor during the grieving process can give us a needed vacation from the trenches of grief and hope that life goes on.

Pat, who lost her husband in May 2009, will show how the techniques she used for finding humor in an overbooked life can also help find humor in times of loss.

Humor Helps: Develop Your Sense of Humor and Survive Hard Times

Have the daily news and economy got you down? Let Pat  show you how to develop a sense of humor that can get you through. She knows.

For nearly a decade she’s chronicled her own travails in her regular humor column, Balancing Act. Looking for the light, ironic side of life has honed her humor-finding skills and helped her survive everything from her mom’s declining health and husband’s long-term illness to the ups and downs of practicing law and raising kids. So the stock market takes a belly flop? “What else is new?” she says.

To book Pat for a speech, get in touch by using the contact form.

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Saturday, August 30th, 2008

In times of emotional and financial upheaval, book Pat for a workshop that uses humor to relieve stress and spark creativity. The following workshops can be customized to fill time periods ranging from 1 to 4 hours and make perfect programs for businesses that want to boost the power of their all-important human resources and employees who are stressed or facing job loss. Pat also conducts bereavement workshops and helps those facing all types of losses to re-write their stories using a humor perspective.

Coach Your Own Career

Whether you’re facing a job transition or stalled in a career that doesn’t seem to fit, clarifying your values and understanding your personal strengths can help you move forward.  This workshop helps you identify and face down the inner critic that holds you back and uses positive psychology techniques, including the humor perspective, to transform your current work situation into a more tolerable and possibly even inspiring place.

A Funny Thing Happened: Bringing Your Humorous Tales to the Page

Every one has an amusing story to tell. Let humorist Pat Snyder help you take your own funny stories from amusing to amazing, using techniques that humor writers use. This workshop that will teach you to brainstorm, draft, share, review and revise your own stories, compile them into a collection as family gift books, family reunion collections or blogs, incorporate them into speeches you give at work and in the community, and even find publication outlets to share them with the world.

Good Grief: Why Am I Laughing At A Time Like This?

Grief can’t be laughed away. But finding humor during the grieving process can give us a needed vacation from the trenches of grief and hope that life goes on.

Pat Snyder, who lost her husband in May 2009, will show how the techniques she used for finding humor in an overbooked life can also help find humor in times of loss. Her workshop, suitable for those who are grieving and the professionals who support them, also surveys the latest research on bereavement and interventions that work.

Belly Laugh To Your Aha! Moment (general audience)

Scientific studies show that humor boosts creativity. And that’s no laughing matter. The mental twists and turns we take to “get the joke” could be just the re-wiring we need to find a cure for cancer, a new market for eco-friendly cleaning cloths, or even fix a paper jam in the copier. Join humorist Pat Snyder to explore how humor can solve your problems, boost your creativity, or move you forward on your next project.

Belly Laugh To Your Aha! Moment (for writers)

Scientific studies show that humor boosts creativity. That’s why you don’t have to be a humor writer to benefit from this writers workshop. Anyone who has ever experienced writers block is welcome. The mental twists and turns we take to “get the joke” could be just the re-wiring we need to find our story arc, improve our timing, or incorporate a touch of humor into any genre. Join humorist Pat Snyder to explore how humor works and try some creativity-boosting exercises.

Book Pat for a workshop by contacting her. Fees vary depending on the length of event and location.

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