Readers Talk About Balancing Act

Here’s what readers have to say about “Balancing Act”.

I loved your column on Scrapbooking. You made me feel that I am not the only one! Everytime we have a school project I get out an old hatbox and a moving box full of pictures. At the last go round I was glad to see that there were indeed pictures of my middle daughter as a baby.
– Mandy, Powell, Ohio

Your writing style is wonderful. I read your column about teaching your mom to use an answering machine, and believe me, I felt your pain.
– Phyllis, Columbus, Ohio

Your piece about helicopter parents was hilarious. I do think because society is much different now, than when we grew up that the technology makes it easy for parents to be over-protective (i.e. the cell phone umbilical cord thing – so true). I can see how colleges are going nuts over boomer parents.
– Pam, Columbus, Ohio

My husband and I loved your column on Grilling! He will be passing along some of his “deep thoughts” on the subject. Just for the record, he is a great griller!!!!!
– Cathy, Columbus, Ohio

Read your piece about GPS devices, and thought it was very true!!!!! I’m much happier with a map, too. And I am the knighted navigator in the family – I have never led us astray while we were on the road.
– Linda, Columbus, Ohio

I so enjoy your columns! You make me smile, validate my shortcomings, celebrate my successes and frankly just amuse. I appreciate you and your voice.
– Ginny, Upper Arlington, Ohio

A friend e-Mailed me your column on acrylic nails. I loved it! For years I marveled to certain people’s nails, not realizing they were acrylic. I guess the world of glamour escapes me, too!
– Jan, Gainesville, Florida

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