World Laughter Tour

What Is The World Laughter Tour?

In 1998, Columbus psychologist Steve Wilson launched the World Laughter Tour to spread the benefits of therapeutic laughter clubs he’d seen while traveling in India.

After adapting Eastern laughter to the West mentality, he began training certified laughter leaders throughout North America and then the world, to lead laughter exercises at informal laughter clubs and in institutional settings. Currently, more than 2,000 people have completed the training and been designated certified laughter leaders (CLLs).

As part of its laughter sessions, WLT also promotes a seven-day program in Good-Hearted Living, designed to carry the therapeutic effects of laughter through the week. The Good-Hearted Living program designates therapeutic activities for each day of the week and promotes relaxation on the weekends.

Many certified laughter leaders bring the stress-relieving properties of laughter into their own workplaces by starting on-site laughter clubs in hospitals, nursing homes, and anywhere on-the-job stress is found.

To become a certified laughter leader or to find one near you almost anywhere around the world, go to the WLT website.

Not sure if laughter training is for you? Read about Pat Snyder’s experience at CLL training.

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