Info Overload? Take Good Notes


These days, it feels like random jewels of information are flying at me from all directions – on Facebook, TV, over lunch, in an elevator and always during those “find a buddy and walk” excursions.

So I’ve taken to carrying a notebook or scraps of paper (deposit slips and gum wrappers will do) or enlisting the “Notes” section of my phone to capture them all. Quick! Before they drift into Neverland.

“Sounds like a plan!” you might say. But not.

Trouble is, these jewels are scribbled on the run, nearly impossible to read, or even worse, auto-corrected. Also, I forget to revisit them in timely fashion. Or ever.

As a result, I have a pile of bits and pieces that I have no recollection of and which make no sense. Since I have major FOMO (fear of missing out), this is just short of terrifying.

As an experiment – and public service – I’ve decided to go back and try to decipher the notes I’ve collected over the past several months, Google them where possibly helpful, and share the best of them with the world. Here you go.

Wow! $99 to Iceland! Turns out this is WOW Airlines, which you can fly to Iceland on a Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Friday, except it’s actually $109 and you have to drive first to Cleveland or Cincinnati.

Skink Funk. Well, almost. It’s actually Skunkfunk – a fun line of raincoats with batwing sleeves I saw in Chicago.

Jack London Review – new – from Jimmy Macks..   Not a magazine, this is a basement jazz bar in Portland, Oregon. It used to be Jimmy Maks. And Review is actually Revue. Awesome place, according to someone.

Wrinkle Release. You spray this on wrinkled clothes instead of ironing them (as if anyone still irons). I hope I wrote this down right and it was not actually Wrinkle Resist, which is a day cream to fight wrinkles. Who would have had the gall to recommend that?

E6000 or Gorilla Glue. Good for repairing costume jewelry, according to someone who should know.

Two bananas + two eggs = pancake. Just like it says. No flour. You need ripe bananas, though.

Touch of modern toilet illuminator. This supposedly lights up the toilet bowl at night to avoid “stumbling around in the dark,” as the ad says. Stocking stuffer?

Breville Teamaker. One-touch teapot for perfect tea. $249.95!!!!! Did someone actually recommend this?

Pixabay and Unsplash. Awesome online photo services, according to someone.

Bernie Mev. Brand of cool shoes a woman across the aisle on a plane was wearing.

Clam chowder with sweet potatoes. Interesting idea on a restaurant menu.

The Ravenous Raven. A fun children’s book about a hungry raven who’s not a picky eater. Wouldn’t apply to my grandchildren. Oh, no.

Bike chain. If front chain goes off, put it in first gear and it will go back on. Just saying, especially if you ride an Ice Trike.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have to offer. I have no idea who or what Tiana is. Or Lily. Or where you wind up if you I “take 64 west, exit 220, which ends in 17, and go north,”

I promise to take better notes in the future. But for now, I think I’ll go try to clam chowder with sweet potatoes. It’s that time of year.

Copyright 2017 Pat Snyder


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  1. Bill Says:

    Another vote for E6000!

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