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Music! Music! Music!

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

At a time when the world feels increasingly polarized, finding happy sanctuaries is important. Thanks to the recommendation of a Lyft driver, I bumped into one this month visiting my son in Phoenix: the Musical Instrument Museum.

Brainchild of retired Target CEO Robert Ulrich, MIM is the world’s only global musical instrument museum. It displays about 6,500 musical instruments from 200 countries at any one time. Visitors are allowed to play some of them.  Others are on display through a walk-through arrangement, continent to continent, where visitors can see and hear and read about each country’s culture and music.

What a joy to experience this common denominator where there are no language or political barriers. Four hours at MIM reminded me that when life feels out of balance, we can still count on music. 2017 may be a good time to bring more music into our everyday lives.

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