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Let’s Play

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

AidenTaylorDanceThe Spiderman cake was nice, and so were the piles of presents. But the real excitement at my grandson’s third birthday party centered around “the show.”

“We’ll be up here, and you’ll be out there,” announced his six-year-old sister , who as usual was in charge.

With that and a little Miley Cyrus rock, the two jumped on and off the wooden “stage,” rolled in the grass and literally kicked up their heels. Afterwards, they treated the grandparent audience to souvenirs – seashells they’d collected at the beach.

They didn’t doubt for one minute that theirs was the greatest show on earth. And of course, the adoring audience agreed.

I couldn’t help but think how creative the world would be if more of us threw our inhibitions aside and played like little kids. Maybe the best way to celebrate birthdays is to remember not to get old.


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