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Efficient, But….

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

UnknownMaking carrot cake this morning, I decided it might not be too smart to let the cream cheese frosting sit out all day, waiting for this evening’s potluck.

But wouldn’t it get awfully cold and hard sitting in the refrigerator?

On the other hand, Sara Lee seems to get away with that.

So immediately I ran off to Google the problem. Cream cheese frosting refrigerate?

And immediately, I had the answer. Yes. But take it out an hour or two before serving.

It occurs to me that Google has replaced not only common sense but also those spur-of-the-moment calls to cousins and those home ec queens among friends, who a decade or so I ago I’d have relied on.

The answer might not have come as efficiently. My info source might have had to consult a cookbook or another friend. But in the process, I’d have found out that they had just had a fender bender or the flu or picked up a juicy piece of news.

I like these instant answers, but there’s something lost in all this efficiency – unless, of course, the info source is also on Facebook. In which case, I suppose I would not have missed a beat.

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