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Wanted: A Fairy Godmother

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

2013Cdolssfrtpg2Knocking around the Ohio Craft Museum this weekend, I bumped into a charming collection of fabric ladies seeking employment as fairy godmothers.  They were, in fact, called “Unemployed Fairy Godmothers” by their Columbus artist-creator Cyndy Sieving. Each one carried a tag describing her special magical powers.

Clarabelle Applegate, who promised to “Shazzam you into glam,” promised never to let her owner pass up a party. Winnie Burchfield promised to whip up love potions, and B.Q. O’Rourke, who loves to travel, promised never to let you fly solo.

Their offerings made me wonder:  If I could employ a fairy godmother this holiday season, what magical qualities would I be looking for?

I think I’d like a fairy godmother named Mabel Muse.

“Stuck on ideas for holiday hostess gifts?” she would say. “Never again tote a boring bottle of wine. Let me be your inspiration. Let me be your holiday sleuth. I will let you know the heart’s desire of each person on your list. Place me on your laptop for clever online shopping bargains and never-fail recipes with less than four ingredients.”

Yep. I would definitely hire Mabel Muse about now. What magic do you need from YOUR fairy godmother?

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