Goodnight iPad = Good Advice

photoShopping at our spiffy new neighborhood toy store, I discovered a children’s book that should be required reading for all the overbooked attorneys I coach.

Goodnight, iPad has a familiar cover. It looks like Goodnight Moon, that old bedtime standby by Margaret Wise Brown, in which children say a ritualistic goodnight to their daytime surroundings and toys before drifting off to sleep.

In Goodnight iPad, though, author Ann Droyd has us bidding a bedtime goodbye instead to Angry Birds, smart phones and tablets. No doubt it will strike a chord with parents of teen-agers, who wrestle with shutting down their electronics. That’s probably why Droyd subtitled it “A Parody for the Next Generation.”

But while we’re at it, some of us might start reading it with the thought of untethering ourselves.

For those who want a more adult untethering guide, there’s also Harvard Business School professor Leslie Perlow’s Sleeping with Your Smartphone: How to Break the 24/7 Habit and Change the Way You Work. Read on….but possibly not on an electronic device.

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2 Responses to “Goodnight iPad = Good Advice”

  1. Nita Sweeney Says:

    As I sit here at my laptop while my husband snore peacefully in bed, methinks this book might be for me! Thanks for the hint!!!

  2. Pat Snyder Says:

    Well, I’m definitely a candidate for it!

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