E-Mail Birth Control

e-mail artI don’t know about you, but my e-mails are having babies. It seems that every vendor I’ve favored over the holidays, either online or in person, is my new best friend. And what are friends for if not for letting you in on the latest clearance sale with free shipping or – in case you’ll soon be cruising – some can’t-miss summer items for the ship.

True, some of the offers are educational. I never knew – till yesterday, when it was offered at 63% off – that green-coffee-bean extract might may “reduce the release of glucose into the blood to support healthy blood-sugar levels and aid in weight reduction.”

The most effective mode of birth control seems to be Unsubscribe. But the New Year’s Un-Subscription drive can be rocky. Here’s a shout-out to those who make it easy with “instant unsubscribe.” One click and you’re done. Not so much happy shouting to those who are sure you didn’t really mean it and want you to verify. And a giant groan to those who need you to dig out your password, change your settings or review of list of 15 possible message types you would still like to receive.

A positive thought in all this grousing. Asking the question, “Is this clutter or useful in moving me forward?” is good practice for cleaning closets, managing time, and reviewing relationships as we launch into 2013. What else in your life do you need to unsubscribe to?

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One Response to “E-Mail Birth Control”

  1. Nita Sweeney Says:

    Glad (I think) to hear I’m not the only one with email regenerating like bunnies! I too have been in unsubscribe mode for the past week. What do they know about me that they think I need all these facials and pedicures?

    As for unsubscribing, that’s a great question. I’ll have to ponder it.

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