Mom’s Jacket Gets Second Act

Polly Ondo In honor of my late mom, who might very well have worn it today, I’m proud to announce that her favorite navy jacket is undergoing renovations.

Handmade with her usual precision and sporting giant pearl buttons, it’s been hanging in the back of my closet since her death more than two years ago.

“Get on with it,” I’ve heard her say. “Someone could put that to good use.” Or, consistent with our family history of button-snatching: “At least take off the buttons and use them on something else.”

Mom finally got her way Mothers Day weekend, when – inches from a Goodwill bag in the making – I tried on the jacket one more time before the toss. It fit perfectly. And as I’m sure I heard her point out, “It just needs a different neckline and it will look lovely on you, dear.”

Fortunately the alterations lady at a place called Cottage of Tailoring not only agreed. She inspected the inside seams and nodded with approval.

“Very nicely sewn, she said.

“It certainly is” came a whisper from behind me, even though no one else was in the shop.

Happy Mothers Day, Mom.

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2 Responses to “Mom’s Jacket Gets Second Act”

  1. Nita Says:

    Oh Pat! How I related to this piece. “Our family history of button-snatching!” Thanks for these gentle reminders and a laugh.

  2. Pat Snyder Says:

    Glad we were not the only button-snatchers!

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