Nose Knows About Stress Relief

IMG-20110410-00011 What could be better than hanging out with nearly 200 people who cheer people up for a living?

That was the scene at the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH)conference these last several days in Orlando, where there was a nonstop buffet of chuckles, inspiration and colorful costuming.

Clown noses were standard fare, along with garbage bag capes, multi-colored wigs and everlasting bubbles. And the stories! Cancer survivors credited humor and laughter with helping them recover. Hospice nurses thanked their patients for bringing humor into their lives. And several laughing participants vowed to die with their clown noses on – and breathe a final “Ha!” as a last breath.

Now…just to hang onto the magic through at the grocery, the traffic, the drive-thru bank. The clown nose will be handy in my glove compartment.

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