Power of Daydreaming

BoyHere’s to the wandering mind. In D.C. over the weekend for more coach’s training, I took a three-mile walk through the Gaithersburg, Md. neighborhood where my cousin was putting me up.

There, drawn in chalk on the sidewalk that ran through a park was a large hand-drawn mandate: Question Anthony!!”

Immediately, my mind imagined this Anthony character. “What was Anthony advocating?” I wondered. “Was he some kid at the nearby elementary school?” “A bully maybe? A bully’s victim? And how did he feel about being questioned so publicly?”

The fascination was short-lived. My walking companions suggested I take another look.

“Question Authority!” the chalk actually said.

A little sadly I said goodbye to this fictional character who had drawn me in. In my mind, he was already an illustration in a children’s book, looking downcast, stubbing the toe of a brown oxford shoe in the dirt. And a reminder that flights of fantasy can be the best sort of vacation from a linear world.

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