Feng Shui Party: More Stuff

Butterfly girlWhat kind of woman goes to a Feng Shui party and comes home with more stuff than she started out with?

A woman like – sigh – moi.

The invitation encouraged us to bring a small something we loved and, in the spirit of clearing our clutter, bring a small something we were ready to donate. To my credit, I complied. I arrived with a keeper – a beloved shell doll made by my grandmother. Also, one discard to share – a perplexing glass figurine I’d picked up years before in Nova Scotia as a someday gift to someone.

The figurine was the perfect discard. Symbolizing a “lonely traveler,” it had never scored as a gift. What would it say to the recipient? “I think you are lonely”? At the party, though, it apparently spoke to someone because two minutes on the “share” table, and someone picked it up. So far, so good.

That, however, is when my clutter-clearing ended because right where it had been on the share table was now a Hummel figurine. “A Hummel!” I gasped, turning it over for verification. Of course, I had to have it for my collection. To that, I added a CD to create a website on my Mac, just in case it might work on my laptop, and a lovely card of a girl catching stars in a butterfly net, which said, “My work is deeply fulfilling.” That, too, I had to have because affirming is believing.

Half-time score: one discard, three acquisitions.

The evening was not over, however, until the raffle. And then, while clutter-clearing Feng Shui diehards turned down books about Feng Shui with “I‘d rather get mine at the library and not collect books,” I squealed in delight at winning Peter Walsh’s It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living A Richer Life With Less Stuff.

Final score: One discard, four acquisitions.

I wonder if Peter would approve.

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