Coffee drive-thru steals a week?

coffee to goThis just in from the folks who sell organic coffee at my church: 

People who buy coffee primarily at drive-thru windows on their way to work will spend as much as 45 hours a year waiting in line.

Their point, of course, was to  buy the beans from them and brew your own. 

Wherever you buy beans, though – Wow!!  Forty-five hours is a big gulp of time, to say nothing of the money and fumes.
If taking your home-brewed coffee can save you as much as 45 hours a year, what are some other time-savers that can give you up to a whole week’s vacation???

Please, do tell.

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One Response to “Coffee drive-thru steals a week?”

  1. Kalen Cap Says:

    You know, I totally leave the drive-thru line after 43 hours if not served. I have my limits, lol.

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