And The Winner Is….

I’m excited to announce the winner of my “Your Dog Ate What?!” Contest: Joan Moos of Westerville, Ohio. Joan’s poem about a neighbor’s dog named Tipper and his thorny eating adventure wins her an autographed copy of my book, The Dog Ate My Planner, and a personalized dog bowl. Read on for Joan’s poem.


Have you ever heard of Tipper,
the little beagle out our way?
He was very well behaved un-
til his master left and said, “Stay”.

One day they went on vacation,
and Tipper became our charge.
We only had to feed him, and
at night put him in the garage.

Tipper was tied to a chain
attached to an overhead wire,
giving him room to explore
the yard in its entire.

We kept his bowl of water filled
so he could quench his thirst,
but as time went on, and boredom set in,
Tipper must have thought the worst.

One day as I looked out my window,
I could not believe my eyes.
Tipper had found a project
That might cause his demise.

Now Tipper’s owner had a garden.
that was his pride and joy.
His roses were his passion,
but now were Tipper’s toy.

With his mouth firmly placed at the base of each branch,
a snap with the turn of his jaw,
and with blood dripping down from the piercing throns,
he’d go right back for more.

I watched for a moment,
not believing my eyes,
as Tipper stacked rose branches
twelve inches high.

Methodical in his endeavors,
His stacks mounting, one, two, three,
You could almost hear him think of his owner,

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