Medical equipment takes world tour

African bush taxiI just love it when synchronicity kicks in to solve a problem. So it was this week when my son called, wanting to know where to buy a canvas clothes closet just like one I had in the basement. Since mine was only holding unused medical equipment and I hate the idea of spending money needlessly, I was inspired to clean out the wardrobe and hand it over to him.

Fine idea, but ever try to unload pieces of random medical equipment all in one place? If I were in charge of the world, there would be a centralized Medicare warehouse that redistributes this stuff, but don’t get me started. And we won’t go into the full time job it would be to sell it all on Craig’s list.

Instead, I Googled the problem and discovered a warehouse called MedWish International ( , a non-profit in Cleveland that distributes medical equipment worldwide. And ta-dah! I had to drive up that way regardless for a friend’s book-signing party. So Tuesday saw me trucking up 71-North, Prius jammed with a manual wheelchair, half a dozen seat cushions, some sort of circulation pump, a variety of crutches and canes and the crowning glory – a bedside toilet chair. I felt like I was driving an African bush taxi and I prayed I wouldn’t break down.

Happily, the medical delivery went without a hitch. MedWish Director of Operations Mimi Hable even met me in the parking lot and helped unload.

So as of last evening, mission accomplished! My son has the clothes closet. MedWish has a ton of equipment. And thanks to my husband’s perseverance in acquiring this stuff in the first place, people around the world – and especially their tushes – will be more comfortable. Success all around.

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