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Heat-proof gardening

Monday, July 26th, 2010

DSC00932Others may be dragging hoses through their flower beds trying to keep those blooms blooming, but I’m happy to report I’ve discovered a new heat-proof gardening technique that would make my mom (but not my late mother-in-law) roll over in her grave.   Silk Flowers.

Gracing my front stoop is an ever-fresh collection of blossoms that look perky from the curb in any weather. They give the impression on a quick drive by, that I have, in fact, gardened.

As a consolation to my green-thumb mom, I’ve stuck them in her umbrella stand. She would at least be happy at least that it’s being used.

And probably astonished that a family of bag worms has nested among the blossoms.  Don’t tell me you can’t fool nature.

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Tony Robbins Appears

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

audio_tapeI’ve always been a fan of motivational speaker Tony Robbins. He seems to have such a good time up there in front of thousands, and who could not be inspired by his enthusiasm for following your passion?

But I never expected to find him in the master bedroom closet. The other night, though, there he was. I’d gone fishing through a few more cardboard boxes in seemingly endless quest to put my late husband “stuff” in the hands of someone who could use it.

There, in a little plastic flip box was an audiotape of Tony – labelled in the unmistakable perfect printing of my Bob’s older sister Sally. Through a happy coincidence, the box also held a working tape recorder. The reward of the cleaning spree was an evening with Tony, urging me to “shape my destiny” and identifying for me the “six basic human needs.”

Unfortunately, we only got through three (certainty, significance and love). Apparently there’s a second tape somewhere. I can’t wait to find it. Meanwhile, Tony has motivated me … to keep cleaning.

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Meditation A Gift

Monday, July 12th, 2010

meditationThe time of day was not appealing. 7:15 AM for morning meditation. But after the moaning and groaning, I have to admit that the Sikh meditation exercise was one of the most lasting gifts I carried away from a vacation week at Chautauqua.

Repeating it for 15 minutes each morning feels symbolic of another lesson learned there, that regular practice is as important as success. It is so easy to flit, to try one thing and then another, when remaining faithful to a regular routine can provide the structure we need. To say nothing of the calm that comes from putting the cell phone on “quiet” and closing the door.

If random thoughts sneak in, as they inevitably will, try calling them by name, as Elizabeth Lesser suggests in “The Seeker’s Guide.” Just say “thinking, thinking, thinking,” and they will skulk away. At least temporarily.

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