Buy Yourself Flowers

flowers 001I’m not sure why the cashier at Trader Joe’s wanted to know, but I’m glad he asked in front of a crowd:

“These flowers are BEAUTIFUL! Are they for you or a friend?”

“ME!” I announced, happy to share a bit of personal philosophy. “I buy some every week.”

Admittedly, there are exceptions. There are some weeks in summer – not arrived yet – when I’ve actually grown some worth cutting and putting inside.

But for years I’ve splurged on a bouquet and never been sorry. The color, the symmetry of the petals are nature’s reminders that beauty and balance are possible.

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One Response to “Buy Yourself Flowers”

  1. Sharon DeLay Says:

    I love buying flowers for myself. It makes me feel wonderful. Gerbera daisies are my favorite. Thank you for writing this so I could admit. it. 🙂

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