Be A Water Baby

taylor in suitFor several years before my mom died, we did the typical role reversal – child parenting parent. Now that she’s gone, I’m delighted to notice she’s back – parenting to the max in my head. She would be happy to know this, I think, because she had so many opinions and much good advice.

I thought of her this weekend when Taylor, my granddaughter, took her first splash in a backyard baby pool. It was just like mama said – “put a child in water and it’s calming.” Once out of the pool, Miss Tay took a plenty long snooze.

Same with my visit to a lake up near Cleveland. Listening to the water pound the rocks with the window open, and voila! Instant sleep.

Whether it’s rain on the roof, a real ocean, or one on CD, give mama’s advice a try if you’re stressed. Be a water baby.

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