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Weight Watchers Lessons

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

bathroom scaleAt Weight Watchers yesterday, I gained more than the one extra pound I expected. Kathy, the ever-cheerful leader, shared a story I needed to hear.

Seems that one of her star “losers” had gone to an annual national conference for work and was looking forward to the compliments she’d receive for losing 50 pounds (!) since the last one.

She came home disappointed and hurt. Nobody noticed. Nobody said a thing! A few days later, though, she received a call from one of the women at the conference.

“Are you all right?” she wanted to know. “We were all so worried that you’d been sick.”

Lessons learned: Sometimes we let the dog eat our planners when we’re too quick to interpret others’ responses. AND who cares about that extra pound? Think of all the worry I’m saving my friends.

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Sometimes Late Is Good

Monday, May 10th, 2010

man's watchCouldn’t help reflecting yesterday on the day the dog really ate my planner. May 9 was exactly one year since my husband’s unexpected death.

Rarely did the dog eat his planner. He did not overbook and was ridiculously punctual. Among his things were eight watches and five replacement bands.

No surprise that for important appointments he was always on time. I just wish he’d been late for the final one. At least a decade or so would have been nice.

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Take Five For People-Watching

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

grill-lincoln[1] Funny what the most memorable part of traveling can be. In Philly for a meeting, I took to people-watching. Memorable, for sure. Not that people-watching in Columbus, OH is less exciting. It’s just that the press of errands and deadlines discourages this engaging sport.

For writers and daydreamers, there is no better break. In front of the Radisson Warwick, in the heart of downtown, three of us had plenty to gawk at: prom-goers emerging from shiny black limos, upscale young couples pulled along by leashed puffs of thoroughbred puppies, and most memorably a tall blonde in an orange chiffon gown and spike heels accompanied by a young man in bermudas and flip flops.

What was the story behind this odd couple? A little miscommunication? Happy self-assertion? Blatant disregard? We could only speculate. And that, in the people-watching business, is half the fun.

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