Passover: The Fifth Question

Matzo-Ball-Soup After years of celebrating Passover, I’ve got the Four Questions (and the answers) down pat. But the really tough question – the Fifth – is not so easy. When does Passover begin?

Seems it depends on which calendar you check. On one of mine, March 30 says “First Day of Passover.” On another, March 30 says “Passover.” On two others, March 29 says “Passover begins at sundown.” They’re all technically correct, but the person making the matzo balls needs to know soup’s on at sundown before the first “day” of Passover. This year, that would be Monday night.

Of course, first one must find the matzo – increasingly easy around Columbus, but not so much in other parts of the country. A friend’s sister, matzo-searching in Virginia, reports the clerk sent her straight to the dairy case. “Right over there,” he said. “Lotsa Mozzarella!”

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