Using Non-Forever Stamps FOREVER!

stampI wish I could say I’d bought nothing but “Forever” stamps. Fofty-four cents now and enough postage to mail a letter forever.

Instead, I’m trying to use up all those 39-centers, 37-centers, 34-centers and 33-centers and all the one, two and three cent stamps that I bought to get them up to the next level. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what the ones without a face value are actually worth.

I tried returning them to the post office, but the US Postal Service wasn’t buying. And so now, on top of everything else in my unbalanced life, are little envelopes of postage that must travel in armies to make the journey from my house to yours.

I suspect a nationwide search would find enough of these little fragments to pay off the national debt. Anyone know of a charity that takes them?

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