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Julia Cameron Inspires Again

Saturday, February 13th, 2010


Julia Cameron of Artist Way fame would not be surprised to know she’s inspired me. Her insistence on writing three pages every morning and taking a weekly “artist date” has inspired many a writer.

But she might be surprised to know that she has also inspired my choice this week of a bathroom rug. The design, which looks like one large single marigold, takes me back to a time ten years ago at a writers conference, when I noticed her taking an intentional detour on her way to the dining hall simply to examine a single marigold growing in the garden. I watched as she stood there for a very long time, taking it in. Art, I realized at that moment, sometimes comes to us from slowing down.

It will be nice to look at the rug and remember.

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What Vision!

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Yes, the weather was wonderfully warmer, but the real inspiration came from my fellow participants during a two-day Group Vision Day that I attended this week in Naples, Fla. Such amazing folks came from around the country to envision their dreams and map blueprints for them to come true! Led by coaches Debbie Phillips and Rob Berkley, every one of the visioners was plotting big dreams that would in some way benefit others. I am grateful to be touched by their magic!

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