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Divide and Conquer: My Techology Solution

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Pile of tv remote controlsI’ve finally figured out how to solve the problem of six remotes to a single entertainment center, and I cannot stop myself from passing this brilliant solution on: tear apart the entertainment center.

Not a fan of TV in the living room anyway, I decided to move mine to the kitchen. It’s not so comfortable to watch in there, which is a huge benefit. I now limit my daily dose of depressing news to the time it takes to fix a salad and quick dinner. (Not to worry, there’s another set for great movies downstairs in front of the exercise equipment).

The unexpected benefit was this: With the TV came only two of the six remotes. The others belonged to a DVD player and VHS player (too big for the kitchen), and a CD player and speaker (just two remotes). Divided up, they’re almost impossible to screw up. Well, I think. The giant dismemberment required disconnecting all the wires. And who knows when I’ll figure out how to reconnect them. Till then, I’m living the blissful two-remote life and listening to the radio (no remote, just one button).

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Visioning for 2010

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
Snowy Vision

Snowy Vision

It was hard to miss the metaphor. Four of us, holed up for a “visioning retreat” in a Morrow County farmhouse over the weekend, got stuck in the snow both coming and going.

On one level, as we looked out on sparkling white farm fields, we were inspired to plan 2010 with high hopes. On another, we were literally spinning our wheels.

As with all times of stuck-ness, there was plenty of advice.

“Gun the motor!”

“Turn the wheel the other way!”

“Try backing up!”

In the end it was a unified push from my friends that un-stuck the Prius from the top of the hill and sent her handily down the driveway.

Hard to miss the metaphor on that one.

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New Year Starts With A Bang

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a Happy New Year! We started ours out with a bang this morning when, within a single hour, a favorite glass salad bowl exploded in the microwave and all the shelving in the guest room closet collapsed.

Do not ask what a salad bowl was doing in the microwave. Do not ask what we were storing on the shelves.

Suffice it to say that a Sunday morning that starts out with “Oh, my God. Are you hurt?” and “Oh, my God. What was that?” is not the godliest of Sunday mornings. But happily, as to the first question, no one was.

In the spirit of laughing away the chaos, I defer to the observation of my neighbor Barb, who was not within striking distance of either explosion and so could see the light side where I could not.

“Getting all that bad karma out of the way ahead of time is a good plan,” she said. “Just glad that no one was hurt while exorcising the evil.”

Ah, yes. A little exorcism to launch the New Year. Why didn’t I think of that?

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