Divide and Conquer: My Techology Solution

Pile of tv remote controlsI’ve finally figured out how to solve the problem of six remotes to a single entertainment center, and I cannot stop myself from passing this brilliant solution on: tear apart the entertainment center.

Not a fan of TV in the living room anyway, I decided to move mine to the kitchen. It’s not so comfortable to watch in there, which is a huge benefit. I now limit my daily dose of depressing news to the time it takes to fix a salad and quick dinner. (Not to worry, there’s another set for great movies downstairs in front of the exercise equipment).

The unexpected benefit was this: With the TV came only two of the six remotes. The others belonged to a DVD player and VHS player (too big for the kitchen), and a CD player and speaker (just two remotes). Divided up, they’re almost impossible to screw up. Well, I think. The giant dismemberment required disconnecting all the wires. And who knows when I’ll figure out how to reconnect them. Till then, I’m living the blissful two-remote life and listening to the radio (no remote, just one button).

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