Beware of Just Say No

O'Neil House foyer

O'Neil House foyer

I’m the first to say it’s important to learn to say no.  After all, if we agree to do everything that’s proposed, we can find ourselves drowning in meaningless obligations.

But getting in a “just-say-no” habit can be a problem, too.  I almost  said no this past week with what turned out to be a delightful adventure: an overnight stay at The O’Neil House, a restored Akron mansion-turned-B&B.

The B&B stay was inspired by a low-cost continuing legal ed class that started early Friday morning in downtown Akron.  It sounded more intriguing when I booked it, along with dinner with an old friend.  When Thursday rolled around, the prospect of driving north in 18-degree weather and sitting through seven hours of class  the next day seemed too much.    “Just say no,” I whispered to myself, relishing nearly two days of found time.

Lured more by the dinner than the class, I said yes instead and enjoyed not only a fun reunion with a former Beacon Journal colleague but also an amazing mansion dressed to the nines with live poinsettias and lit Christmas trees – including one in my bedroom. The B&B owner, Gayle Johnson, also turned out to be an inspiration.  She told me that 20 years ago, she retired from 30 years of teaching to save the mansion, which was headed for the wrecking ball.  Ever since, she’s booked it with parties, including an elegant one on Thursday night, and has cooked up gourmet breakfasts for her guests.  She loves what she does, and it shows.

No question, prioritizing has its place, and sometimes it’s good to just say no.  But plunging in has its rewards.  If you don’t believe me, ask Gayle Johnson.

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