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Planning Backwards Floors Me

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

flooringI’ve always recognized the power of planning backwards, even if I don’t always do it. If you have to be across town by noon, it makes sense to figure how early to leave – counting backwards from noon. If there’s a project due in three weeks, it makes sense to check out how much time each step will take and get the start date by counting backwards from the due date. I suspect that by now I am into “Well, duh…” territory for most people.

But yesterday, I ran into a mind-boggling planning-backwards concept from a friend who’s thinking about buying some flooring. In her 60s, she was trying to figure out how long a guarantee to go for, based on likely longevity (hers, not the flooring’s). Wow. I’m not sure I’m ready to plan backwards yet in every respect. Or maybe it’s not such a bad idea. If I buy a floor with a 50-year guarantee, would I be motivated to live another 50 years? Not gonna wear out till that floor does!

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Social Media and Time Management

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
social media crossword

social media crossword

Putting together a program on social media and time management, I bumped into an amazingly helpful series of online articles on the subject by Amber Nasland, a social media marketing guru. If your online life is eating up your offline life, these article are worth checking out.

BTW, her advice is less flawed than the puzzling art I downloaded for an article on the subject in my monthly newsletter. The dog sure ate somebody’s planner. See the problem? Report it and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free copy of The Dog.

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Coworking Boosts Life Balance

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

work home pictureI’m writing this from an amazing little coworking space in German Village called Qwirk, Like most of the places I frequent these days, Qwirk is inhabited by people who are half my age. I love it! And I love coworking.
Never until I started my speaking and writing business last year, did I work from home.
Although I’m never tempted to get up from my desk and clean the house (that’s for sure) or even to raid the refrigerator (well, not usually), I find the separation of work and home is much better for life balance. Working at home becomes work 24/7.
Maybe I’m just following the advice given to insomniacs: Keep waking and sleeping hours separate; don’t work in bed.

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