Vacations and Life

Every once in a while, I have an Aha! Moment and get as excited as my daughter was years ago when she was little and noticed that the words “U Haul It” on the back of a truck meant –“You Haul It.”

So it is with this revelation I had the other day about vacations and life. Here goes. You arrive at your destination. Day One, you scour the local calendars for things to do, It seems as though there are a million opportunities. You veg out. After all, it is vacation, right?

In a few days you pick up the calendar. Suddenly, you notice the museum you wanted to visit is closed on Mondays and you have only Monday left. The events they’re announcing are all coming up after you’re gone. There’s a cool pioneer community to visit, but it doesn’t open till 10 and you’re supposed to allow 3-4 hours, Your flight leaves at 2 and it’s an hour away.

Life is like that sometimes. Shorter than we think. Worth frontloading the schedule with things we really want to do. Aha!

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3 Responses to “Vacations and Life”

  1. Mary Ellen Ziegler Says:

    Just like vacations, daily life can be “shorter than we think”. It’s surprising how we miss doing or seeing so many people if we don’t “Frontload” our schedule with the things we really want to do. Often we end up with the things others drag us into. I’m finding that happening more and more since retiring from my job of 34 years. Your blog reminds me to “frontload” more fun and to consider my own possibilities! Thanks so much. ME

  2. Pat Snyder Says:

    A not uncommon “retirement” challenge! Good for you, recognizing it!

  3. Marilyn Carol Says:

    I think it’s the grief that makes one just veg out from time to time. At least that’s how it is for me now that
    the shock and numbness have worn off.

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