Secrets from “The Bob Expert” – Listen Up

We all want to be experts on something, however small. In fact, in the business world, the smaller the niche, the more successful the expert.

Married life also leads to a sort of niche expertise in a single person. It occurred to me this week, with a certain sadness, that with Bob having died, my expertise in him could become obsolete.

Before it fades, I feel compelled to share a few things that only I know about my late husband that could be helpful to the rest of the world. He would only buy green Wintergreen flavored Tic Tacs for breath mints because the white Peppermint ones were so strong they made his eyes run. You might want to stay away from the white ones yourself. Why put yourself through that? He would only buy cheap leather watch bands from K-Mart. You should probably check them out before you go off to some overpriced jewelry store. And if you have trouble getting the tops of laundry detergent, don’t store it in the garage in winter. That makes it harder to open, If you forget, leave it on the kitchen overnight and you can open it by morning.

There. Now everyone knows. Bob would be relieved that he did not take these secrets to the grave. I feel better for having shared them and invite any other niche experts out there to share their wisdom from the dearly departed.

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