Stretch Your Comfort Zone

My humor and creativity workshop is always full of suprises.  So when i challenged participants of the Belly Laugh wokshop at Chautauqua to roam the ground wearing funny red clown noses, I was prepared for anything.  Almost.  Enter Mike Todd of Marion, Ohio, who took the assignment to the next level by passing out programs to some 1,200 concert-goers in the historic Amphitheater wearing, yes, the clown nose.  (Also, a sign that said Pat Snyder made me do this). 

Did the exercise, intended to stretch our comfort zones, stretch his?

“Not at all,” he said.  “I felt entirely comforable.”  I believe him.

But that wasn’t the case for most of us in the workshop, who resisted even more subtle comfort-stretchers like reversing daily routines and drawing figures upside down.

How abou you?  Have you done anyhing lately to get out of your comfort zone and into the place where creativity begins?

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