We have a winner!

Mary B. Relotto and her dog Henry have won the Name This Dog! Contest.  Mary B. suggested the cover dog for Pat’s upcoming book, “The Dog Ate My Planner: Tales and Tips from an Overbooked Life,” should be named after her own much-loved pooch.  Why?

According to Mary B., Henry is a wise one.  He would eat her planner only to send her a message: “Slow down, sister!”

“We rely too much on our planners as it is,” she says. “Aaah…to live a loved dog’s life.”

So very true!  If Henry, who looks a bit like the book’s shaggy troublemaker, makes us smile and slow down, he’s accomplished the mission of The Dog, and for that he and his own wins a cartoon drawing of themselves by the book’s illustrator, Michael H. Whiting, at an upcoming book signing.

Besides being Henry’s owner, Mary B. is known to Central Ohio women as the founder of the networking group Dames Bond.

In addition to Henry and Mary B., there were many other winners in the competion. Pet owners across the country sent in a deluge of possible names from dog parks, dog washes, pet stores, veterinary offices, and the Internet.

A few favorites entries:  “Trouble” (because he is),  “Seemore” (as in see more pages), “Reed” (as in keep reading), “Blackberry” (because the PDA has “eaten” the paper planner), “Franklin” (because he probably ate a Franklin planner), “Paige” (because he’s romping through the pages of the book), “Munchie” (because he tends to ingest just about anything), “Keeper” (because we love him anyway), Olly (because he looks like an Olly), and Dervish (as in the whirling kind).  All great names!

Carolyn Fergus, who suggested the name “Trouble,” won plenty of sympathy and the first runner-up prize, an autographed copy of The Dog, for her story of how her lab Dinah once ate her checkbook – not the blank checks but the transaction register for the previous nine months.  Carolyn is a resident of Wesley Glen, a residential retirement center in Columbus, OH.

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  1. Toria Says:

    Go Henry go!, Good Job, Good Boy!
    you too Mary…:) xoxo Toria

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