Worry on Wednesday


Worried in this economy?  Take a tip from Bill Slabodnick of Columbus.  Bill, an 80-something who looks and acts a decade younger than his age, has a system.  He worries only on Wednesdays from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.   

If something comes up in between?

“I just wait till Wednesday,” he says. 

Anyone else have a Worry Wart remover?  Please share and help the rest of us get our lives back in balance.

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One Response to “Worry on Wednesday”

  1. Andrea Connell Says:

    Worry – a conundrum to be sure. One of the precepts of Reiki is Just for today do not worry. Gets everyone! Worry is a mind trap, spinny thinking, it is fruitless, endless and creates a multitude of poor health symptoms. A worthy thing to try to tame. So there are several things to do. Because worry spins in the mind, you have to go to the mind to solve it. 1. Get all your ducks in a row. Know exactly where you stand financially speaking. Worry gains power in the unknown factors – so determine what you can know and control and what you don’t. 2. Figure out which of the unknown pieces you find out more about thereby making them known. 3. Determine which of them to eliminate from your life. What represents too great a risk and what needs to happen to increase your safety factor. 4. Set aside a time of day when you will review your situation and for the rest of the time go about taking care of productive business. 5. Begin and Finish your day with a meditation or affirmation practice that works to center you and bring your focus to the positive. ie. grant me the wisdom to make the best possible choices for my highest good in this day for my future. Allow yourself to be inspired. and then go about having a great day!!

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