Light Bulb Illuminates Time Management

How many minutes does it take to change a light bulb?  I’d say no more than three.  But then I went to change one tonight and voila!  My math was a little off.  Here’s why:


I took out the dead bulb to know what wattage to put in.  I could not read the wattage, so had to find my reading glasses. I couldn’t find my reading glasses anywhere on the first floor, so I had to go upstairs for  a pair. I could see it was 60 watts, so went to get a 60-watt bulb out of the garage. By this time, I was in a hurry and dropped the bulb on the garage floor. I had to sweep up the glass, but there wasn’t a dustpan in the garage, only a broom. I went back in the house for a dustpan. I cleaned up the mess. Finally, I screwed in the bulb.


Nine steps, 13 minutes.


So now I know that every time estimate I make should probably be multiplied by four.  Maybe that’s why the to-do list never gets done.  


What’s your multiplier?  Two? Three?  Four?  I’d love to know.

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