Best Things In Life Are Free

Can’t claim much credit for this.  Frank Sinatra was crooning to this tune back in the late ’40s (or so I’m told).  But the more I hear about this recession, the more I like the idea.

With less and less money for stuff and more and more need for joy, maybe the best way to clear our heads and de-stress is to hone in on the freebies, the non-stuff those Master Card ads said were priceless.

Sinatra pointed out that the moon and stars belonged to everyone.  What else? 

I’ll start.  The check-out clerk at Kroger said, “Don’t forget your hat,” when I left it on conveyer belt this afternoon.  She saved me from my third lost-and-found this week (and it’s only Sunday).  All this, and her feet probably hurt.  No charge.

How about you?  Any delightful encounters of the free kind?  People, pets, gifts of nature.  They all count.  Let me hear from you!

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2 Responses to “Best Things In Life Are Free”

  1. Leigh Steiner (your cousin) Says:

    Sunsets – Oh, how I love those sunsets – over water, mountains, rooftops or over nothing!

    The contented purr of a loving cat (my apologies to all dogs) and no, “contented” and “cat” are not mutually exclusive terms!

    Puppy-Breath – You just can’t explain some things, you just have to see for yourself!

    The sound of waves breaking on a beach – anywhere!

  2. Pat Snyder Says:

    Wonderful pictures! I feel more relaxed just thinking about them!

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