Vision Board 2009: Picture Abundance

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time for the fun stuff: making a vision board for 2009. This is where I picture what I want to come into my life in the coming year. I just take a foam board, stacks of magazine pictures, push pins (till I’ve made up my mind which pictures to use) and finally, glue. As you probably know already or can learn about from the vision board resources on this site, the boards are based on the Law of Attraction. We bring into our lives what we picture having in them.

Usually deciding the theme for the year is the toughest, but this year I’ve already made up my mind: The Year of Abundance. With the nightly/daily/hourly news stirring up a scarcity mentality, I’m throwing the Abundance net out there and reeling positives into my life. This picture my husband shot of me at the beach in Carmel, California, is my Abundance symbol.

Whatever your theme, your dreams, your pictures, consider adding some small symbol of Abundance to your board. Together, we can shift the Universe in a more positive direction. One vision board at a time.

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9 Responses to “Vision Board 2009: Picture Abundance”

  1. Leslie Says:

    One picture to symbolize abundance…I like that. For some reason I thought there would need to be an “abundance” of visuals. The picture makes me think of freedom.

  2. barbara mcvicker Says:

    Thank you for your great ideas! I love the Abundance concept. It is great to turn our thought process 180 degrees from the news outlets. When things are difficult, it is a wonderful time to get creative. I will also add BALANCE to my board. Great things in 2009!

  3. Mary Says:

    Just pulling up this page with the wonderful photo made a wave of peace wash over me. I’m sitting at my computer at work where such waves of peace are not common. I might leave this picture up all day! I created a vision board last year, but am ready for a new one. While the existing board is absolutely still relevant and applicable, since visions are so often a process not a destination, the act of creating the board is so much fun and will focus my energy on my goals in a way that nothing else I do does. I’m thinking about it in the context of your suggestions on this Website. Thank you.

  4. Mary B. Says:

    This is actually one of the visions I have to relax me before I go to sleep. I always tell my partner, “see you on the beach.” Love it!

    Thanks for the words of inspiration and keeping it real. Nothing better than that!

    I’d love to invite your female readers to join us on Feb. 2 for the first 09 Dames Bond event! This is an all female networking community that is as down-to-earth as it gets! The mood is uplifting, the women are very welcoming and when you leave you will feel re-energized! When dames bond, dames thrive!

    We will launch the new site on Feb. 2. Details for the Bond event can be found on the old site at

    Thanks much Pat. I look forward to continued columns and insight!

    PS I see you are into humour as well! My agency, Mental Health America of Franklin County is doing an event on March 6 called Laughing Away the Blues in collaboration with CAPA. We are bringing in The Second City of Chicago for a show called Smart and Funny.


  5. Pat Snyder Says:

    It’s interesting how our pictures of Abundance evolve throughout our lives. You’re right about this picture, Leslie. Abundance at this stage means freedom more than material things to me. And there is no right, universal symbol of Abundance for everyone. That’s why envisioning can be insightful. The picture that strikes us as “Abundance” can tell much about where we are at the moment.

    As for the networking, Mary B., sounds like an abundant opportunity! Thanks for passing along the info.

  6. jessica Says:

    love your website, can you show me where to find information on law of attraction? thank you.

  7. Pat Snyder Says:

    Check out the vision board resources at I think that will give you a great start!

  8. Nigel Says:

    This was well written and well said, thanks! Keep writing.

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