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Mom! The Dog Ate My Calculator

Sunday, December 7th, 2008


Today’s opener comes courtesy of my granddog Brutus (an Ohio State fan, yes!), who always stops to smell the flowers and, well, pretty much everything else.

I got a call from my son yesterday with the typical December opener:  “Mom, if you know who drew my name for Christmas, tell them I need a new calculator.”  He paused.  “Brutus ate it.” This comes as no great surprise.  Brutus, a St. Bernard he and his wife are temporarily, TEMPORARILY raising, has munched his way through more than dog food.  (He is BEAUTIFUL, though. Does anybody want him??).  The surprise is that it was one of those foot-tall calculators made for seniors (and apparently dogs). 

I reminded him I had the very same calculator and would be happy to pass it along.  I prefer one with a tape – don’t trust myself to have entered the right numbers.  But I wonder if either of us should really be using a calculator right now.  With the current financial crisis, it’s better, I think, to turn off the TV, leave financial statements unopened,  and not stop to calculate our current percentage losses.  Fixating on negatives leads to more negatives, I think.  Do you agree?  Anyone else leaving their calculator in the drawer?? Is this a good path to stress relief?

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